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Here’s what some of our Pigeon Forge, TN customers are saying about us:

On October 11th on our 1st morning of vacation in Pigeon Forge we broke a transmission line in the parking lot of the Auto Zone on Wears Valley Rd. Marty the manager their called Carr's. Misty sent a tow truck to us and arrived at about 1030am. The driver also drove me to back to our rv park right up the road so I wouldn't have to worry about getting back there. They had our trucks transmission line fixed by 5pm. We were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation and made it back home to southeast Ohio safely. Everyone there was very helpful and friendly. I would give them a 10 star review!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

David Stokes Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Comment: We out from out of state and these guys took care of us like they were friends of ours. Our truck needed towed all the way from Cobbly Knob up a mountain and they did not hesitate to tow it ! I can not give enough stars for this repair shop , we were worried we would be taken advantage of because we were out of state but no which made it an even better experience!!! We can not thank this place enough and we encourage you to go here!

David Via Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

We were there from Virginia and had a fuel injector line leak on our dodge diesel. I called this place on Sunday 11/15/20 when we broke down and we were concerned that someone would take advantage since we were out of town but not the case at all, we spoke with Dennis and he got our truck towed and fixed by noon Monday and we paid the same we would have paid our mechanic back home! We highly recommend!!! Thank you Dennis. God bless you!!

David Matthews Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Came down on vacation had car issues had vehicle towed to Carr's Auto repair at 4pm on a Friday. Called Saturday morning at 9 and car was fixed and ready to be picked up. Service was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone. In addition price was very fair.

Andrew Lane Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

My daughter and her husband had car trouble while visiting and Carr's quickly diagnosed the problem and had them on their way in less than an hour. Super friendly and reasonable!!

Jennifer Heatherly Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

My wife and I were leaving the area to go home after our stay in Gatlinburg. That morning our vehicle had trouble starting, so we took it to Carr's. They were super friendly, and helpful! They quickly diagnosed our problem, fixed it, and got us on our way. They were very reasonable with their pricing as well. I would definitely recommend them if you need help with your vehicle!!

Brent Caldwell Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

My wife and I traveled from out of town and got into a potentially dangerous situation with our Honda Civic that got stuck on a very steep and narrow incline around their area. Carr's seriously saved us big time: they were able to tow the car great despite being stuck on such a steep hill and it was 11/12 AM at night. The family that ran the place were super friendly and understanding of our situation. The passenger side axel had busted and knew for sure it be an expensive fix. Instead, it wasn't as expensive as we were bracing ourselves for at all. Thank you guys so much for saving us money, time, and getting us out of a risky situation. A huge blessing for my wife and I!

Jeremiah Medley Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Our 2006 Chrysler Town & Country van broke down Memorial weekend 2020. The power steering pump, rack and serpentine belt had to be replaced. The van also had to be towed. The Carr's staff was courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. They worked overtime to repair the van and provided a rental car. I talked to a mechanic after returning home and he said the price was less than he expected.

James Atwood Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

My sister and I were on a holiday weekend. We broke down in the middle of stand still traffic on the parkway. Called Carr's, spoke to Misty. Very kind. Ben came to rescue us. Dennis diagnosed the problem first thing the next day. It was fixed in no time. Everyone in the office and garage were super nice!! Would HIGHLY recommend!!

Jennifer Henderson Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Excellent service got us in right away an got us going again as soon as they could. Very helpful guys thanks Dennis

Kyle Frey Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Thank you guys for helping me out with a flat tire. Chad came out and before I could sign my name he had the spare on and done. You're the best. If you need them call them. Thanks again Brenda

Brenda Blevins Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Had some brake issues on a trip from Iowa. We were in and out in no time. Thank you for being awesome!!!!

Gregg Rude Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Was in town on vacation on the first day, ran in to some bad luck with my brand new Jeep I bent a rear strut being so new parts unavailable locally they had parts shipped in 2 days my Jeep back to me the next day they kept me updated from start to finish from parts price labor cost saved first half vacation with rental car just all around Great people and service anyone who doesn't give them a try all's I can say is your loss again GREAT PEOPLE and SERVICE

Carl Frendzel Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

We got in from Colorado yesterday and the breaks on the Subaru were shot. They got us in and out under an hour and saved our vacation!

Kate Hussey Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Was in a pinch on vacation and really got the best service I could ask for highest recommendation possible from my experience

Dave Warren Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Best experience we could ever have with car trouble! Our VW Alternator went out, was fortunate to have Geico connect us with Carr's. Tow driver was very friendly and helpful. They would have fixed us up same day, but it was almost 6 pm on the Sunday before Memorial Day, so instead we got a good rental van, extremely cheap, while they took care of everything. Dennis was already on it by 8 am on a holiday, and would've had it done if we didn't need a replacement part from Napa that was closed for the holiday. Was ready to go the next day, and was much cheaper than we expected! Excellent customer service at the desk, huge thank you to all of them, especially Dennis and Mark!

Miah Barragan Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Had a flat tire that w as not repairable. The tow truck we called through our insurance company was two hours late and couldn't find us. Saturday night with no tire repair places open and 12 hours from home. I flagged down Justin thinking that he was our lost help. Even though he was just passing by and not the person sent to help us, he took over and was fantastic!! Best service I've ever had. He went out of his way in so many ways to help us. I can't recommend Justin enough! Thanks so much Justin!!

Russ Holdredge Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Thanks to Carr's for sen ding someone out promptly to help my husband and I. Stranded on side of road in pigeon forge. Took my husband to part store to get filter and oil. Had us back on the road within the hour. Thank you so much and God bless you! Would highly recommend Carr's!

Pam Burton Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

My brakes went out on our family spring break vacation. The brakes and rotors were grinding and vibrating badly! I left my vehicle with another repair shop in town at 6:30 am and they called me at 11 am to tell me they could not replace my front brake pads and rotors because my ABS sensor was out! They told me they could not take liability risk for my ABS system being out. This caused me to miss time with my family at Dollywood on our last day of vacation! That put me scrambling to locate another shop. I found Carr's Auto Service and they were able to take care of me! Not only did they take my vehicle to fix my brakes, they also had rental cars which allowed me to meet my family at Dollywood and salvage my last day of vacation! They had my brakes finished in a couple of hours but when they called me the mechanic also informed me that my rear brake pads and rotors were just as bad as the front. So I had them replace those as well. I left my vehicle at 1 pm and they closed at 5 pm but my vehicle was still ready to go first thing the next morning! I would recommend Carr's to anybody traveling to the Pigeon Forge area that is need of auto service! Thank you for salvaging my last day of vacation and making my vehicle safe to drive!

Scott McGhee Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Chad pulled a car out of a pretty bad spot without any additional damage. Did an excellent job.

Ryan B Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

These people are so incredibly nice and understanding. thankful they were able to help me in my crazy moving process. Thank you guys!!

Madeline Stone Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Great service. We are on vacation and had some car trouble. This place was recommended to us by Advanced Auto. I called and they were super nice. We took van in and found out that we had a bad bearing and hub. We took it in at 8:30 and by lunch time it was ready. Ty so much

Celina Barbee Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

No words are for the service we received...Thank you so much for taking care of us so quickly. Stranded on main strip, towed to our RV park, unloaded us, took truck back to shop and within 24 hrs. We had our truck back. The cost was very reasonable...highly recommended

Richard Joyner Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Very good car repairs service and rental. Very nice people and very professional.

Stanley Easterling Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

We came in town late Thurs day night with no air conditioning working in the car. Carr's worked us on Friday. They replaced a/c compressor, a/c dryer, expansion valve, and a belt and had it ready by 2ish. Very reasonably priced. Thank you for saving our weekend trip!

R. Martin Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

We had our van packed ready to return home to Chicago when it would not start. We called State Farm who sent a tow truck which brought the van to Carr's Auto Repair. They noticed that we were from out of state and immediately checked the systems to determine the problem. The mechanics determined it was the starter. They said it would take approximately 2 hours to receive the part and perform the repair. They called 1.5 hours later and we returned, paid our bill and we were on our way! Fantastic service!

Eileen Flynn Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Wouldn't go anywhere else. Really treat you well here.

James Williams Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Yesterday I was in a frightening situation with my husband who was ill. My car had suddenly begun to jolt. I found a place to pull over and saw that I had a flat tire. My tires are new Goodyear all-weather tires. I called USAA roadside assistance and they sent Brandon from Carr’s. This young man was a gift from God for us. He ensured our safety and answered all my fears. Then, to his surprise and mine, there was a big wrench sticking out of the tire. He put the donut on and calmly gave me the confidence to be on my way. This organization is professional, caring, punctual and frankly, a big blessing. You won’t be sorry.

Kathy Shannon Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Robert brought us some gas today and he was super helpful. We parked on the hill of our cabins driveway and didn't have enough gas!

Thank God it was only a gas issue, but we would definitely use their shop, if we ever need car repairs in TN

Chris Burgess Google Review

4 Stars!

Jaymeca ONeal Google Review

Really sweet people to deal with on the phone!!!

jamie marshall Google Review

Looks can be decieving! I am on vacation with my family. Radiator busted. A local waiter recommended Carr's Auto and said they are "the best". When I pulled up I saw a junkyard and thought why am I here. Totally misjudged. They were understanding of my dilemma being on vacation. Quickly diagnosed, found the problem, and finished me the same day. Mind you it's a Saturday and they stayed late. Highly recommend this shop. Ms. Kim and Bill will totally take care of you at desk.



P.S. Dennis your real good. If you ever move to GA and need a job look me up.

Eugene Schadler Google Review

Fully recommend Carr's. While vacationing in Pigeon Forge, our alternator went out while driving home at 11pm. We reached out to our roadside assistance and they put us in contact with Carr's. They were there to get us within 15 minutes and started work on our car immediately the following morning. Saved our vacation!

Trey Walker Google Review

They helped us get our car out of a ditch and then rented us a car Carr's saved our vacation great prices very helpful

David Gibson Google Review

Highly recommend this place!!!!!!!!

My husband and I were talking our son to Gatlinburg for the first time and our car broke down! It was 8pm Friday night at a hotel we were not staying at our hotel was a 30 minute walk sure enough we started on foot!

We called Carr auto service the next morning, they came by picked up our car key and said they would be in touch. Knowing that we were only going to be here for the weekend they quickly towed our car for only $75 and searched for a discontinued part all over the town.

After many phone calls they fount one a good ways away they picked it up and had it on the road the next day! We didn't stress we walked the streets of Gatlinburg and went about our day on Saturday

As normal and we picked up our car around 1pm Sunday!


Jessica Staton Google Review

5 Stars!

Noel Cameron Google Review

I ran out of gas tonight with 2 babies in my car and James Brown with this company came out to my rescue! He was fast,friendly, and concerned. I have used this company in the past and i would recommend using them every time i need someone. I even called Pigeon Forge Police dept and they would not help, so 150% to Carrs towing! Thank you for being there for us

Carolyn Johnson Google Review

They were awesome and so kind with my mom and dads Toyota Prius we had broke down and they came with a tow truck and I had to get my car from the hotel this is the best service we have ever experienced in our life the team was so grate and would recommend to any one ever thank y’all so very much

Cheryl Washburn Google Review

5 Stars!

Kimberly Raymond Google Review

Awesome customer service, Great shop couldn't believe they were open all weekend long, and they got us in quickly, diagnosed, parts ordered by COB Saturday afternoon. Found us a motel on one of the busiest weekends in Pigeon Forge at a reasonable rate, took us there, picked us up Sunday morning after the repairs were completed and even made sure I got a military discount. This company does it right! Highly recommended.

Anthony Kolb Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

They got me back on the road on a Sunday. It looked for a while that I might be stuck there for a few days. The mechanic was friendly, walked me through the repairs. My only complaint is that they may be a little too transparent about some of their personnel issues in front of the customers. If you need to discuss something, you shouldn't do it in the lobby in front of your customers. It makes them nervous.

Brian Cox Google Review

Great place. Our car broke down on vacation. They went out of their way to get the car fixed fast so he didn't go AWOL. They were even willing to pick the rental car up from Virginia Beach if needed. Great customer service. If we ever have car trouble in Pigeon Forge we know who to call.

Kat Morner Google Review

They are awesome here! Our vacation in Tennessee could have ended in shambles but they took care of us better than any mechanic I have ever gone to. They had my alternator replaced and my husband's ball joint replaced in a matter of hours on a Sunday afternoon with no notice. Wish we had them in Michigan!!!

Jennifer Meyers Google Review

When the alternator went out on the Mini Van on Sunday morning, there were not a lot of choices. They guys at Carr's were great and head us back on the road quickly for a reasonable price.

Greg Hormann Google Review

We started having car problems right before we made it to our cabin in Tennessee, I am from Virginia. We called this company cause they was the first in the list on google, we made it to the cabin. They came and picked my car up at the cabin and took me with them cause they have rental cars there so we would not be stuck at the cabin for our trip. The first car they gave me had some problems, but they handle the situation professionally and put me in another car. My car was experiencing some problems as we entered town but the knowledgeable mechanic couldn't find any problems with it but I'm not saying he doesn't know what he is doing, he did everything he could to try to figure it out but the car was running perfectly while they had it. He was polite and respectable, told me once I got my car if there was any problems while I continued my vacation that they would come tow it again to their shop free of charge, This company treated me like I was family even though I was from out of state. I want to thank everyone from that company because it is hard to find a place that is that professional and polite.

EW Bartley Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

We broke down on our vacation in Pigeon Forge and were in a bit of panic as we do not know the area well and to complicate things further it was a weekend. I was fully prepared for the worst but this repair shop quickly diagnosed the issue and even saved our vacation by offering a reasonable rental car that could fit our family of 5 while they worked on our car. The rates were beyond reasonable and we made it home safely yesterday. Thank you Carr!

Liz Lavender Google Review

5 Stars!

Dave Piper Google Review

Amazing fast and honest. My express van broke down on the way to Virginia and these fine folks picked it up and fixed it. They are fast and efficient and very friendly. If I lived here they would be the only people I'd trust.

MICHAEL GILL Google Review

Was in town for a weekend vacation and while driving through Cades Cove the check engine light came on and could tell the car was missing. It was late saturday afternoon but after a quick google search we found Carr's and they said they opened at 8 sunday morning. We were there for about an hour. Really good service. Fair pricing and let us enjoy the rest of the day without having to worry about car issues. Would highly recommend to anyone that needs work done.

Tyler Coulbourn Google Review

My car broke down while on vacation to Pigeon Forge. It was a Sunday so most auto mechanics were closed, but not Carr's Auto. They offered prompt service were unusually candid about the bill. They got my vehicle fixed ASAP. I highly recommend them.

Skyler Simnitt Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Great service. We were traveling from Minnesota and noticed a noise in the front end. Brought it to Carr's and they looked it over. They found nothing wrong. I was impressed that they didn't try to sell us parts we didn't need.

Karl Penner Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Bama is the man! We were stranded in our RV with no brakes- after being towed in late in the day, we spent the night nearby- by 9 am- they already had a parts list- we needed front rotors and calipers and seals on a rear wheel- we got on the road by 4 and made it home safely thanks to Carr and super mechanic Mama :)

Amy C. Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

5 Stars!

Brian W. Google Review

Very affordable

Ken Chapman Google Review

We were very please with the service recieved. We we're a long way from home (425miles) involved in an accident. They were quick, courteous even went the extra mile to check out our car, and made sure the car was okay and spray washed it off before we left.

Wendy Lewis Google Review

Vacationing from Ohio for a long weekend, we were driving down Parkway on Friday night after enjoying Dixie Stampede when our car died in the middle of the road! We were able to coast to a side road where a policeman stopped to help. He called Brandon at Carr's to tow us. Not only did he show up in 5-10 min but he also gave us a ride to a nearby gas station. Saturday morning Dennis the mechanic called and told us the fuel pump was bad. He replaced it and even went beyond by educating us on other questions we had. Everything was completed by Sat. afternoon. Although we weren't planning on spending this extra money, Carr's was reasonably priced and performed great, timely work. We highly recommend using Carr's and would go back to them if needed!

Whitney B. Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Had a dead battery (as in beyond jump) in the middle of vacation in the middle of Apple Barn parking lot. Such great service from Carrs. Spoke to two different people there organizing where I was and when they'd get here. Both very helpful and nice. They brought me a new battery and could not have been more service oriented. Five Stars for such rare customer oriented, professional, friendly, and efficient service.

S Midd Google Review

Seeing a pool of coolant when leaving a restaurant could ruin a vacation. But Carr's was there to get us back on the road. Even though I could tell they were slammed with work, they happily put it up on the lift to check it out. Oddly enough, he couldn't find a leak after 20 minutes of pressure testing. We were only charged a lift fee. Any auto repair shop could have taken advantage of the situation, but they kept it honest. He even brought me out to the shop to see what he was seeing. And the cherry on top — he fixed the dent in the bumper that caused the 'problem' in the first place. Good people with a great sense of humor over at Carr's. Go see them.

David Gravois Google Review

Saved my vacation! Repaired a broken brake line and rented me a car for a VERY FAIR price. I was able to enjoy my vacation while the part was air freighted and delivered. Fixed in less than 36 hrs. Seriously thankful. The local dealer said two weeks!! (I was 300 miles from home.). So if you are in Pigeon Forge in vacation and unlucky enough like me to 'brake' down call Carr's. Great hours too! Repairs. Towing. Car rental.

Todd Sams Google Review

Vacationing in area and needed a wheel sensor replaced on my Chevy Van. They worked me into their busy schedule, installed the part and charges were very reasonable. All of the employees were very friendly and courteous. I would recommend them if you need auto work.

Mike and Linda Howard Google Review

My wife's car broke down on our way home to South Carolina. They provided prompt, friendly and honest service. This all took place today... on a SUNDAY! We were very pleased with our experience.

Beau Childs Google Review

My wife, daughter and granddaughter broke down in the Smokes Carr's sent a van to pick them up, towed her car, and rented her a car at a very reasonable fee. Treated them like family, kept us informed on everything that was happening wile repairing her car. The total charges were very reasonable for any location much less a tourist area. I highly recommend Carr's for your automotive needs in that area. Didn't know there were still family businesses like this one around. they are 5 star PLUS. Harold Rogers, Mobile Alabama.

Harold Rogers Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

I'm a police officer from Illinois, we were in Pigeon Forge and my daughters vehicles harmonic balancer on her ford explorer on 3-1917 broke these guys fixed it on sun great guys even took the time to get my son’s car started highly recommend this towing company

Rick Herring Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

I can't speak highly enough of Carr's. I have brought my car here for everything from electrical issues to simple oil changes, and they have always done a great job. They are fair and accommodating, and I love the convenience of their long hours and availability of affordable rental cars that you can use to get around while your car is getting worked on. They have been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion. Great people and great place!

Andrea Walton Google Review

Great service!!!!! Very understanding and wonderful people!!! Our mechanic was Dennis awesome guy!!!!!! We needed help and the were there with towing repair and retal. I would absolutely recommend!!!!!! (Don't judge a book by it cover)

David Hudson Google Review

As a wrecker service and car rental service when we needed it Cars was wonderful and fairly well priced, they got our bus out of an icy ditch and got us on our way, thanks guys.

Daniel Nebergall Google Review

Great service and very helpful.

Travis Jenkins Google Review

In town with the family for a volleyball tournament. The car went down due to a hub/bearing problem. The guys had me fixed and back on the road in less than two hours. Five star service and all of this on a Sunday afternoon.

Will Freeman Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Great service! Stuck at cabin atop mountain after snow storm. My 4x4 jeep couldn't handle the grade of road without breaking traction. Carr's delivered chains on a Sunday, our check out day. Awesome save! Thanks!

Gary Hilton Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Praising Jesus for these sweet people and their company!! They were God's hand in getting us off the top of a snowy mountain!! Highly recommend them!! God bless these sweet people and their company!!

Connie Lamb Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

We were on a weekend getaway. Thought it was gonna be a long and expensive repair. They had it done that day and we're very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended there service!

Garrett Pedrero Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

My husband and I were headed to Pigeon Forge for a short vacation when our SUV blew a spark plug. Unless you've experienced it, you cannot imagine the panic I was in... we were just arriving for vacation and now did not have a car to use during our stay or potentially one to get back home. Thankfully we were able to make it to our hotel and find Carr's online. They towed it to their shop that night and had it fixed the next afternoon. Everyone we spoke to was very nice and helpful. We would definitely recommend them if you need emergency repairs.

Dorothy Kellam Google Review

Great group of guys, so helpful. Saved me from changing a wheel bearing on my truck in a parts store parking lot in 30 degree weather. They where the only place open on a sunday and actually charged me less than it would have cost me to do it myself and did it faster. Plus they shuttled me and my girlfriend to and from the island while we waited(which was not very long at all). Would recommend them to anyone.

Mo obryant Google Review

We visited Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg the first weekend of Nov. The power steering was going out on my Ford Escape and needed someone to check it out. Carr's was open that Saturday so we took our SUV in. After a mechanic (didn't catch his name) ran tests and checked out my Escape, he explained that there was a recall and that he couldn't fix it. He gave us good suggestions on how to get it home (Louisville, KY). Even though they couldn't fix my car, I appreciated that they explained why and offered suggestions to make sure we made it home. They also didn't charge us for the service that they performed which we weren't used to. Back home, it seems a service shop will charge you to just look under the hood! At a time where a local shop could easily take advantage of an out- of -towner, they did not. We felt that they were honest and thorough and for that, we give them 5 stars.

Brandi S Google Review

Went to Pigeon Forge for Thanksgiving to a high cabin up in the mountains. My brakes went out on my H2 Hummer coming down the hill late Friday evening. Carr's was open that Saturday after Thanksgiving and would look at my truck for me. They were very busy, but finally got to my truck Saturday afternoon with what I figured was the problem from the sound. All four rotors and pads were shot. They ordered the parts just before 5 pm and the mechanic stayed till 11:30 pm Saturday night rebuilding my brakes so we could leave Sunday morning to get back to Houston. These people were friendly, honest, and did not gouge me with the repair price. I felt like they treated me like family. I picked up the truck just after midnight and the night manager was just as friendly. GREAT PEOPLE. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

David Jones Google Review

All I can say is thank God for Carr's. Tow driver Dustin rescued us from a pitch black mountain road in the Great Smoky Mountains and Carr's fixed our broken brake line within 24 hours, even renting us a car in the meantime. We are grateful first that we didn't die, and second that a Google search led us to Carr's. If you need auto repairs in Pigeon Forge, don't even think about going anywhere else!!

Leslie Palma-Simoncek Google Review

Great experience fast friendly service. Highly recommend.

Dave Copenhaver Google Review

4 Stars!

Scott Coats Google Review

Had my brakes repaired & oil change on car very good price & very nice people. Thank y'all for a job well done!

Jason Vardaman Google Review

We were on a sister 's weekend trip and had a flat when we came out of the Dixie Stampede. Called road side assistance and Eric came within 30 minutes. He was very professional and we are so appreciated his help. When you are out of town and not sure who to call it is nice to have such good polite and professional people to help.

Donna Franklin Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

My experience with Carr's Auto Services was a good one. Not good that I had to have my car repaired upon arriving in Tennessee for a small family vacation, but they were very nice people and helped us in any way possible. They repaired our car in a timely manner and I would recommend them to anyone. I had no issues at all. They got us right in, looked at the car, diagnosed it and were working on it in no time. Also got us into a rental for a good price, so we could continue our vacation in the meantime. In a matter of hours, our car was fixed. They have a nice team of people working there and I appreciate them all!!

Jessica Tufano Google Review

Quick and great service!!! Helped us out in a jam on a Sunday when no other place was open! Everyone was very nice and out to make sure this did not ruin our vacation! The rental car was priced cheap and came with unlimited mileage use. We will use them again if needed!

Kristy Farster Google Review

A+ experience! Very honest, fast and will not take advantage of you. Would recommend to anyone !

Tay Stew Google Review

I recommend bringing your vehicle here. We took our Tahoe in because the check engine light came on on our way down here from Indy. The guy who was helping us was very knowledgeable and very courteous, explained every possibility that it could be.

Janet Yingling-Campbell Google Review

My husband and I were on our way to a cabin to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we had a belt break , and though it took a little long, which I understood because it was a Saturday. When the tow driver, Jeff, came, he was very nice and normally they would have taken the car to the shop, but he felt sorry for us it being our anniversary, so he fixed the car right there in a parking lot under a light, Jeff took my husband to the auto store to get the belt and we feel he went way out of his way!! We are forever GRATEFUL for saving our anniversary weekend!! THANK YOU , THANK YOU

Phyllis Nuber Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Had a warped rotor that had our breaks smoking and they fixed us up fast! Thank you for everything.

Danny King Google Review

Our alternator went out late in the evening and the folks at Carr's went above and beyond to get us back up and running. With affordable car rental until ours was repaired, to an extremely fast repair once the part arrived, and excellent customer service with a great staff. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area.

Shane Clements Google Review

5 Stars!

Sam Wentzel Google Review

My son and I broke down yesterday on Veterans Blvd just 2 miles from our destination of Dollywood's Splash Country. We were about 2 hours from home and didn't know who to call. A good Samaritan who tried to help suggested we call Carr's Auto. I'm so glad he did. The tow driver and his wife arrived in about 35-40 minutes and were very friendly. They offered to drop us off at Splash Country and said to call when we were done and someone would pick us up. I asked how late they were open and he said 24 hours! They replaced our alternator at a reasonable price and the same tow driver and his wife picked us up from Splash Country when we were ready and brought us back to the shop. I would recommend Carr's Auto Services to anyone visiting the Pigeon Forge area.

Nathan Crouch Google Review

First off I want to say a big THANK YOU to you guys was the most friendliest people we met on our vacation . my starter went out on us and you guys fixed my van the same night. we brung it to you and my van is running awesome. But also would like to thank you for taking us into pigeon forge so we could eat and you picked us back up . No car places here in Ohio would never do that. But my kids remember the dog they named Bill they tell everybody about him.and they loved kevin the peacock . I just want to say you guys are awesome and if anybody we know needs any car repairs why being down around your area we will recommend you . Thank you guys so much and God bless

Maryann Perkins Google Review

This place may not look like much. But the service was awesome. My mom's tahoe blew a power steering pump. One call and they said to bring it it. When we arrived they looked slammed. Said they would contact me by lunchtime and have it done by 10. I got a call at 230 and they were done. I'd recommend them to anyone that is in a jam. Thanks Carr's Auto.

Shawn Catterton Google Review

After our alternator malfunctioned the night before we were leaving to go home from vacation, Carr's towed our vehicle to their shop at midnight, picked us up the next morning, and had us on the road by 11am!

Ben Hiers Google Review

While I was on vacation I needed my control arm bushing fixed.Finding a place that will woek on a lowered Bmw out of town is hard. With me all ready being a BMW technician I know what I needed. They let me bring my own part and they fixed it for a great price(quickly). Great service and customer service. I'm book marking this place just in case for future visits.

Romen Ortega Google Review

They where very helpful in fixing the air conditioner in my SUV. We called around nobody else could help us until the middle of next week. We where leaving for Florida 4 am. We where able to get rental from them as well. They where very friendly and awesome. We are in Florida and the air condition is great. Thank You very much.

Maryann Beamer Google Review

My car broke down while visiting from Texas. Everyone at Carr's is so friendly. They repaired my car immediately and I was on my way at a fair price. I highly recommend these folks.

Jeff Sheriff Google Review

Let me first stay your customers service was a 5 stars. I called today to get towed. They were quick fast in smooth.. I half to give the biggest praise to Jhon the tow truck driver. Saving me hundreds of dollars with his quick knowledge of my problem. Thank you again Jhon so much you have a great guy. Can't thank yall enough god bless.

Ralph Grable Google Review

These guys are great. They were open on Sunday even on 4th of July weekend. They were quick, fair, and courteous. They even had a rental car for a cheap price! Getting a car fixed out of town is never fun, but they helped make the best of a bad situation.

Joshua Vest Google Review

On our way to Pigeon Forge the air conditioning quit working on the truck. The temperature outside was 92 with heat index close to 100. This was on a Saturday and I didn't expect anything to be opened. After asking around Carr's was one of 2 names recommended. I called them to find out they were only about 5minutes away and was given perfect directions to get there. They worked me in pretty quickly, ran a test on my a.c. to determine it was low on fluid and filled it up including dye to tell if there was a leak. I was asked to bring it back the next day to determine if there was a leak. Cooled great, no leak was found and there was no additional charge. I read in one of the reviews where someone said they were not Christian. Well, I believe Jesus judged by the heart and he is the only one who can do that. So maybe you should be a little more Christ Like. Everyone there were very nice to me.

Manuel Steffey Google Review

I am from Indiana I called on Saturday evening they got me Sunday morning they put brakes on my 3500 Chevy Silverado the problem was a little bigger than I thought they said no problem fixed it I was on my way so thanks and it is a great place they definitely recommend from me

Art Newbury Google Review

We lost our power steering Went to Carrs and we had to leave the car there. We rented a car from them. They contacted us later in the day and told us that it was ready. We are very thankful as we live in New Jersey. Very nice and accomadating. Very reasonable. Thank you again

Mark Mainenti Google Review

Excellent service and very helpful. They are open 7 days and even have inexpensive rentals to use while you wait. Good customer service. Repairs were great. Don't expect great amenities and it's very out of the way but recommend highly just the same

Lib Nosneb Google Review

We came to Gatlinburg for our wedding on a Wednesday. On the day we arrived my Pontiac g6 caught on fire about 5 min from where we were staying. We were able to put the fire out and some how back to the cabin. It was now about 5:00. We knew places were closing and we needed a tow, a renter car, and we needed somebody to fix the car before we left on Sunday. We called Carr's auto service and they were able to do this all there which was a big relief. We got a tow and a renter car in time for our wedding thanks to Carr's. They were able to fix my car in time for us to leave. They were very friendly and don't know what we would have done without them! Definitely recommend!! P.S. All the animals are fun to see too! :)

Rachel Womack Google Review

We were on vacation with my 2 year old and Carr's hooked us up! The hub on my front wheel drivers side had pretty much reached the last mile of the way (seriously) and it needed to be replaced. We had plans of going to the aquarium and while my Tahoe was being serviced a nice gentleman drove my family there and picked us up when it was complete. As for the very few bad reviews, you show me a company that doesn't have them because I'd like to meet them. A+ rating in my book!!!

Callie Jennings Google Review

Great experience! I took my car in because the check engine light was on, and the guys at Carr's were so helpful and nice! They did a computer diagnostics on my car, gave me some recommendations and didn't even charge me for it. Glad I found Carr's to help me out!

Meredith A Wagner Google Review

Visiting Pigeon Forge with my family from Trussville, AL, we had just left church when our Acura starting showing symptoms of electrical failure. Before we could get back to our hotel, the car died in the middle of a busy roadway. On the verge of panic, I googled 'tow truck pigeon forge'. The first listing that came up was Carr's and I called. Whether it was just good luck or God's grace, it was the best phone call that I could have made. Remember, this is Sunday. Not only could they send a tow truck, but, their full-service shop is also open on Sunday!!! Amazingly, the tow truck was on the scene in less than 10 minutes. He called and requested a vehicle be dispatched to pick us up. The tow truck driver politely waited for the vehicle to arrive and then he took our disabled car to the shop. The driver of the courtesy vehicle delivered my wife and daughter to our hotel and then carried me to the shop. By the time I arrived at the shop, they had already off-loaded my vehicle, diagnosed the problem, and had arranged for the necessary parts to be delivered! I literally arrived at the shop less than 5 minutes before my alternator. They were able to swap alternators in less than one hour. It gets better!!! I was expecting to pay a premium for weekend services. Not so! Their weekend labor rate is less than the weekday labor rate that I am used to paying back home. Also, I am glad that I did not require a rental car. However, if I needed one, they can rent me a car right there at the shop! This place does it all. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They explained every charge and got me on my way in what I would consider record time. Honestly, since I live out of state, I will probably never do business with these guys again. However, if you live in the area or are visiting from out of town, do yourself a favor and keep their number handy in your vehicles. I would not hesitate to give them my highest recommendation. Thank you guys for saving my vacation!

Robert Benson Google Review

I really can recommend this place! My classic Mustang broke down on a Sunday (broken ECU). These guys pick the car up in Gatlinburg brought it all the way to their place, find the failure in in couple of minutes did some work on my wiring harness in the meanwhile the a brand new ECU arrived. They did charged me for all the effort a very fair price (on Sunday!!). We got back on the road within an hour. Those guys really driving extraordinary customer experience. Thanks again!

Florian Henning Google Review

Our car broke down on our last day of vacation. They came and towed our car in a timely manner. Our car was fixed the next day and we were able to go home safely the following day. We are so thankful they were open on Sunday! Very satisfied! Highly recommend these guys!

Danielle Johnson Google Review

We were on vacay and my husbands axile broke, they picked the car up within a 30 min time frame. They were very honest and upfront about everything. Every worker was friendly (thats that great southern hospitality) and the car was fixed in a timely manner, the prices are all reasonable.

Monteka Flowers Google Review

I can't express how grateful I am to the guys at Carr's. My sister and I had car trouble in Pigeon Forge, so Carr's came up on the garmin. We were a little timid when we arrived but that didn't last long, as soon as we were greated we felt at ease. Neither one of us new anything at all about vehicles, but they took the time to explain everything to us and gave us quotes before they did anything. If you have to have car trouble the guys here made it the best it could have been in the situation. So a big Thank You to the team at Carr's Auto Sales and Services.

Sherry Brothers Google Review

I got to Pigeon Forge, TN from Indianapolis, IN on a Friday night and my brakes were grinding!!! I had to leave to come home Sunday night and thought I was going to have to ruin my vacation by looking everywhere to try and get my brakes replaced on a weekend! I was referred by the local car dealership to give Carr's Auto Services a call and talk about Southern Hospitality! They had me bring my car right over and go me right in on Saturday morning and by 4pm Saturday afternoon, my car was done! Since they are open 24/7, I did not have to stop vacationing...I just came and picked it up on my way back to the hotel for the night! Every single person I dealt with there was incredible! I drove my car home from TN to Indianapolis and the brakes are perfect and the price to replace them was even better than what I anticipated I would have to pay back home! I would HIGHLY recommend these guys! They are truly terrific! I wish they had a place here in Indy!!!!

John Michael Jones Google Review

During the 2016 Car Show I unfortunately had my Jeep break down. Carr's tow truck arrived within 20 minutes in heavy traffic. The next day I called and found out the Jeep could not be fixed easily after a couple hours of diagnoses. I instructed then not to bother I will pick it up and tow it home. I then arrived at their shop on Monday unable to secure a Uhaul. Tammy went above and beyond to secure me a truck from a distance Uhaul dealer and even had the truck pick upped and delivered to their shop so I could place the Jeep on a tow dolly and get it home to Aiken SC. Dennis although had a few hours of diagnostic work into the vehicle understood my predicament and did not charge for the service. I can truly say these people were shining stars during a bad situation I was in. I truly appreciate all they did for and can't thank them enough !!! God Bless you guys at Carr's

Joe Maty Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

On our way from Illinois to Gatlinburg we had a transmission issue, these guys rented us a car and got our van repaired was extremely happy with the service and price of the repair. Hope to never need them again but if in the area and need repair they will definitely be my first call!

Bill McBride Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

I was in pigeon forge on vacation with my kids and my car started running really bad and I knew it would not make it home to Missouri like that. I took it to Carr's on Sunday morning and they had it finished in less than 2 hours. I needed a new coil and spark plug. They charged me a reasonable price and explained exactly what they were doing. They did not try to sell more services than I needed. The kind guy that helped me did say when I got home, I might want to think about a tune up. Didnt try to get me to get one then. Car made it home fine. These guys saved the rest of our vacation and got us home safely. Thanks so much fellas!

Michelle Harter Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

On Friday afternoon our suv air conditioning stop working. We are leaving for Flordia Saturday 4 am. We called them and they where able to fix it. We where able to rent a vehicle or they would have taken us back to the hotel. Everyone else we called stated they could not get to us until middle of next week.These guys get five stars as well as being very friendly and awesome.

Maryann Beamer Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Went to Pigeon for a three day get away. Got almost to our cabin in the mountains and the engine light came on and started losing power. Found Carrs on the internet, contacted them on Friday, the car was fixed by 1 pm Saturday. Made my weekend so much more relaxing knowing I could trust the car to make it home to Cincinnati Sunday. Thank You Carrs!

Terry Leigh Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

We were Pigeon Forge for vacation and had brake problems. We contacted sevaral mechanic shops and none could help us. We called Carr's and they had us come right over. The car was ready in couple of hours. Also, we were able to rent a car from Carr' and continue our vacation. Thank you Carr's for your help and hospitality From Laurinburg NC

Tim Poole Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

Really great service. Best treatment I've had a shop

Jeff Stone Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

I am so thankful I ran into this business. I was in Gatlinburg with my daughter this past week. My car started making a funny noise, the temp gauge went all the way up and I pulled over. I didn't have anyone to call, I wasn't sure what to do. I called my roadside service who contacted this business to tow my car. I had just had the radiator. and hoses replaced not 6 months ago and I was just sure it was my water pump! They towed my car, rented me another so we could get around town while they made the repairs. Early the next morning the gentleman called and said it was my radiator hose, I was shocked since it had supposedly been recently repaired. They could have fixed the water pump and charged me a lot more money, instead I found the business to be honest and helpful. Hopefully, I will never have need of an emergency repair while on vacation again, but if I do in East Tennesse, I know who I will go to. Plus, the tow truck driver was courteous and friendly as well as the gentleman who took care of getting me a rental. I just cannot say enough good about Carr's auto repair.

Jo Ann Elbert Carr's Auto Service Customer Review

The Carr's Auto Service has lived up to their mission of holding their customer's needs first. We had a brake issue on our car while in the Pigeon Forge area on a Sunday, no less. They quickly took the car in, assesed the issue and we were on our way in no time. Can't say enough about their quick, efficient, and capable work at a fair price. We hardly missed a beat on our vacation ... Thanks Carr's Auto

Dee F. Yelp Review

We got stuck on the site of a mountain with our van on vacation from Florida Carr's auto totally saved the day!! Our transmission line broke and they had it fixed in 24hrs at a very reasonable price!! Thank you for your honesty and service!!

Madeline S. Yelp Review

We were snowed in a cabin for the past week. We are from Louisiana and this was our first ever snowfall, so this was scary as heck considering we were on the top of a mountain with a steep incline. Carr's attempted to get to us throughout the day, but the road was blocked due to a wreck further down and then again because the power company had the road blocked putting up another pole. Eventually the roads were plowed and salted, but the tow truck still came up to us to make sure we were ok. We had another night paid for in the cabin, but at that point we just gave up and left. We were out of food by this time. Brandon called us as we were leaving town to check on us again. I can not express how grateful we are to these amazing people, who were one of the few bright spots in our trip.

Christie Pepper Google Review

Carr's was wonderful!!! We were visiting Pigeon Forge when our car messed up. I googled a mechanic in the area and they showed up with good reviews so that's where we went. Had the part sent over there and fixed for a very reasonable price. Now we know a great mechanic in Pigeon Forge!!

Cara Caldwell Google Review

On my way back home from vacation and my car ran hot, had my little 2 boys with me, "road side assistant" was going to be charged 275$ from where I was to my home. Carrs called and asked if I would like to tow it there and they can look to see if they can fix it. Was very cold, tow truck guy Ron was great! These guys found my simple problem in about an hr, just a radiator cap!! Sounds crazy but the lord brought me to this place. Was having a bad day and these guys were nice hard working guys, they were busy as hell and still got me and my kidos up and back home. And saved me money!!! Thanks guys I know where to go when I come back to visit!!

Jody Phillips Google Review

We were in a wreck coming out of a steep drive on 01/24/16 in gatlinburg .. Sevierville tn.. Our car was able make to the bottom of mountain and tow truck was called.. They arrived fast and service was beyond great!! It was me and my husband and two dachshunds .. They took us to their warm tow trk to wait as it was 14 deg and thn took us to the towing yard.. We live 3 hrs away and car was undrivaBle .. We rented a small uhaul FRM them to make it home.. If you ever need a tow.. CALL CARR's Automotive!!

Sheli Henion Google Review

Being from down around Duncan, SC we very occasionally see snow, let alone snow in the mountains. This weekend we got both snow and mountains. We were both unsure on what to do to get down this mountain or even out of the driveway. I attempted to back out of the driveway and next thing I knew I was sliding toward the ditch at the end of the driveway. There I came to rest. Called the cabin rental company which will not be getting a good review. They referred me to Carr's, so I called them. The lady reassured me that they would help me however they were backed up. About a hour and half later got a phone call from the driver that he was on there way. Within a matter of minutes they had me out and helping us get down the hill. I travel here to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area a lot, just never during this time. I have found a new friend in Pigeon Forge for my towing needs. Thank you all at Carr's for helping us in our need.

James McCluskey Google Review

Our radiator gave out on us on the way to Pigeon Forge. I contacted Carr's and took them the truck, on a Saturday. They were able to replace the radiator by that afternoon.
They are good folks and were straight up about the cost and time to fix the truck. Saved our vaction! Open 7 days a week. Best shop around, I will use them again!

Stan Webb Google Review

I was in Gatlinburg for the weekend and got caught in the snow on a mountain. We called Carr's and they sent us a wrecker and got our vehicle off the mountain in less than an hour after my call. It was a great end to a awful experience in the snow and ice. Thank you Carr's and everyone involved.

J Carson Google Review

My wife and I had a radiator hose problem on our BMW in Pigeon Forge on a Saturday. I have some experience with auto repairs, and basically I knew what the problem was and roughly what it should cost to repair. But I didn't tell them that. The tow truck came quickly, and took us to the shop, which looked like some junk yard from Hazard County. I waited quietly for the con to start, ready to pounce on them with my hidden experience. "I wasn't born yesterday", I practiced in my head. Bottom line? it never happened. They treated my with respect and hospitality. Acquired the parts efficiently, at a reasonable price, and repaired my vehicle. The place is a little rough around the edges, but I could not have been happier with the service and value. Hope I don't need to, but if I ever have car trouble in the Pigeon Forge area again, Carr will be the only place i'll call. Say hi to Bubba if you end up there!

michaeldsmith100 Google Review

Day after Christmas was there on vacation had a part go bad on my jeep called them as soon as they opened told me to bring it on over got there at 8:20 and was fixed and on the road by 9:00 fast and friendly.

Jonathan Carter Google Review

Bailed us out in a lock out situation. Fast service and reasonably priced. Ryan (tow truck driver) was very helpful and went above and beyond to get us on the road again. Thank you Carr's!!!

Brenda Borders Google Review

Fast response. An reasonable rates. Thanks for all that you an your crew did we got home safe ,an no more problems. Thanks The Watts Family .

Steview Watts Google Review

Brandon took our car for a ride up the mountain after we had an issue with a burning smell. He gave us a great Idea of where to go for the day and was very knowledgeable about autos. Amazing service and put a quart of oil in the car and it was fine! Highly recommend these guys for auto service in the Pigeon Forge area.

Alex Schwartz Google Review

Arrived at shop around 8:30 in morning on july 25th for a repair. Told them I needed an alternator for our vehicle. Mechanic checked it and said it was for sure bad. Part ordered and took about an hour to fix. Service and employees was very nice and professional. I would recommend them and return if I needed anything else.

Jason Adamson Google Review

Our car broke down on a Sunday on our way back home to NC . We called them and they came to get us in the tow truck. They fixed the car within a few hours. They even picked us up in town when the car was ready . The employees were nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend them.

Julie Leber Google Review

We were in Pigeon Forge on vacation last week when our alternator went out. This was one of two shops close to us at the time. When I called they said they could fix our car if they had the part that day but if not it would be the next morning. We arrived at 12pm Wednesday, July 8th. The shop is not what I expected, so do not judge this place on looks, I'm glad I did not. They did not have the part but was able to order it. I was told my car would be fixed by noon on he next day. A very nice man gave us a ride 20 minutes away to pick up a rental car. They had cars to rent but since we were on vacation we wanted something fun and sporty. When the man dropped us off he told us to call them back if we needed a ride the following day to pick our car up. Luckily we did not need one but it was nice of him to offer. The repair price and the price of the alternator were both very fair. They could have totally taken advantage of our situation but they did not. The lady in the office was very friendly as was everyone else we came in contact with. Even joking around with us and giving us advice on some places to visit and things to do while we were in town on vacation. Our car was even done earlier than expected. We are very thankful for the help with our car and the all around friendly experience we had there. I have read some other reviews but this was our experience and I would defiantly return to this shop if I am in the area again and need car repairs.

Lynn G Google Review

I was in Gatlinburg on Saturday night July 11 and my car broke down. Bill from Carr's came to tow my car, he took me back to my hotel and then took my car to the garage. I got a call Sunday morning telling me what was wrong with my car and how much it would cost. I couldn't believe they were working on a Sunday. Later that afternoon I got a call asking where I was as they were coming to pick me up to take me to my car which was fixed and ready to go. Carr's did great work, it was reasonably priced and they helped save my vacation by fixing my car on a Sunday so we were back on the road. I can't thank you guys enough. I would recommend them to anyone in need of help.

Kim Yost Google Review

We had to make a sudden visit because our car was messing up. They got us in immediately and didn't charge us because it was something simple. My family and I greatly appreciate what they did for us today .

Deirdre Camp Google Review

On vacation it's Friday night snowing and raining when my axle broke and my wheel came off. The tow driver laid on the wet ground for almost an hour ever so carefully inching my car on to the roll back to keep from damaging the fender. Amazingly he got it done. Just myself and my daughter but they took us to the garage, provided a rental car, fixed my car and brought it back to me the next day. I just knew the charges would be extremely high but they were very very reasonable and checked the vehicle over well to insure a safe trip back home on Sunday. I can't say enough good things about these guys. Would recommend to anyone.

Debra Bracken Google Review

Needed breakes repaired in a Sat while on vacation. They had me in and out in only 2 hours without even having an appointment!

Billy Reese Google Review

I was on vacation when the clutch went out on my f150 and these guys came to me picked up the truck then repaired it then brought it back to me! these guys are good, honest,hard workers! they are a blessing in the sky and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your truly taken care of! i highly recomend these guys! thank you Carr's for all that you did truck is running great

Everett Edmonson Google Review

My wife and I were in Pigeon Forge for our anniversary, and right before making it in to our hotel we broke down. They showed up pretty quick, specially considering the heavy traffic at the time. The driver was friendly the whole way back to the shop, and so were the people at the office. They helped the wait go by much faster, by talking and being friendly. Considering they had to drive 3 hours to find our replacement part on Saturday, the bill was even pretty reasonable, and they even have rental cars if you still need to get around while they fix you up. They were also strait forward and honest about what they were doing on our vehicle, and didn't try to get us parts/service we didn't need. If we ever have car trouble in Pigeon Forge again, we know where to go. I wish more shops were like this!

Jack Hall Google Review

I am so pleased with the service I received here when I was traveling out of town. They went above and beyond to help us to get our vehicle fixed so we could get home. The part I needed was a dealer only item, and it was Sunday! They actually took the time to hand make the piece I needed. I would recommend them to anyone. I know everyone has different experiences, but I had a really good one. Thanks Carr's for everything you did for me and my family that day!

K Rodgers Google Review

I was on my way from basketball to my job when my 99 Ranger started acted up. I called Carr's to come help me. They towed me back to their shop and got my Ranger fixed quickly. They had an alternator there by the time we got there in the tow truck and put on with in the hour. I was back out the door on the way to work. Was a little late to work but what you going to do. I highly recommend them to anyone for service. Friendly and caring people all I found there, at least the ones I dealt with.

Erika Hopkins Google Review

My family and I were on vacation in Pigeon Forge in July 2012. On a Thursday evening I broke a front coil spring on our van and blew a tire. Carrs may not look like the kind of auto repair place you're used to, but these guys fixed my van by Friday morning, ordered me a brand new tire, identical to what I blew, installed the tire, and handled getting my van to and from an alignment shop. I picked up the van on Friday afternoon and drove home 500 miles on Saturday. Don't be put off by the looks of the place, these guys couldn't be nicer or more accommodating. Great job!

Andy Diller Google Review

5 Stars!

Jimmy Brown Google Review

5 Stars!

Kellie Cunningham Google Review

These guys were great! Came and got me late at night, towed me to the shop, drove me back to my hotel, and had a new alternator in my van by noon the next day. Good people, treated extremely well and very courteously. Would encourage anyone having car trouble in the area to visit them. They helped turn a frustrating experience on a vacation into a blessing in disguise. Van is running great! Thanks!

A Google User Google Review

Was on vacation in Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg with my family and two other families. My brakes needed repair and Carrs was great. They saved my vacation.

This place is very sincere and generous. I would trust my kids car with them.There is a reason they have great reviews becuase they deserve it.

The man and woman are very nice ignore the other review that says otherwise.

A Google User Google Review

Borrowed a friends suburban for a vacation trip. Brake on one side was grinding so we thought we'd better get it checked. Reviews led me here and I thought I would add my own review. Great people. Great service. Surprisingly good price to replace front rotors/brakes. Price was good enough to replace them for our friend and pay for it ourselves in appreciation for letting us borrow it to come on vacation. If you need car service while here please consider giving Carr's a call.

A Google User Google Review

i was on vacation in gatlinburg and the ac in our jeep. went out on a 90 degree day. i chose carrs auto over a dealer to fix our problem. their add on google said they are open 7 days a week and holidays also, i gave them a call on a sunday evening at 6pm and they said bring it right in. they actually fixed it for free. give them a try!!

A Google User Google Review

Great service, and honest Guys & Gals Thank you for saving our Vacation and the warped rotors on my 300. You guys are Great! Wish we had this kinda service back home!
Guy, Vidor Texas.

A Google User Google Review

My van brakes locked up while on vacation in the smokey mountains. I called a couple of places but they were not sure they could repair before the time we were scheduled to leave town. I happened to stumble upon Carr's when I google Pigeon Forge auto repair. Called them and they were more than happy to look at it. Their mechanic was going to be working until midnight! Well...if the parts had been available I would have had my van back the same night! Had to wait until the morning but they offered me a $25 rental car if I needed it. Since I am writing this the night before the repairs I am not sure how it all will work out but I will certainly update once the repairs are done. They quoted me $65/hr labor which is more than a fair rate! I think I was certainly blessed to find Carr's in a moment of need!

A Google User Google Review

Summary: Overall a good experience. Priced fairly. Repair was done in a decent amount of time. Nice folks to deal with.

We had transmission trouble while staying in Pigeon Forge on a Saturday. One of the locals suggested Carr's since they were open on Saturday and Sunday and said they were fair to deal with.

Not knowing these folks, all i could think was that they were going to take advantage of the situation. I had in my mind that if it was something major, i was going to have it towed 350 miles home to my mechanic.

After they did the original diganosis, they detremined that the trasnmission needed to be removed to fully diagnose the issue, we discussed towing it home. Considering the cost of towing vs the cost of the worst case scenario repair, we decided to let them continue.

After they pulled the transmission out, they determined it would be best to find a used transmission to replace it with. They found one and did the replacement and had us on the road on Wednesday morning, which i think is not a bad timeframe considering this to be a major repair, they had to find the part, and i am sure they had other cars to work on besides mine.

I asked for estimates each time we had a new piece of info on the issue. They were upfront and shared what they thought each scenario would cost. When we got the final bill, it was in the range of the estimate we were told. Also, looking at the national average for a repair like this, what they charged us was on the lower end of that average.

Again, overall it was a good experience.

Todd Ham Google Review

My alternator and battery died in my Odyssey Van while on a trip to Pigeon Forge. The dispatcher got a tow truck to me within 15 minutes. I had to call them a couple of times to get information, the dispatcher explained they had 8 cars ahead of mine but would contact me in the morning. I happened to still be up at 5AM that morning and called to see when they would open (mechanic portion, towing is 24 hours). The person at the shop said to call back at 8:30. They called me at 8 with what was wrong, estimate on hours and battery. Called back at 8:30 with total price including alternator. All repairs were completed by 11:30 SUNDAY. It took them just under 24 hours to repair my car and the price was fair for the speed.

The part was $75 more than AutoZone, but they also traveled to the parts store and picked it up for me, so the additional cost may be at their "labor" rate for travel.
Wrecker was $35 since they did the work for me
Computer scan was $70
Labor ran at $75/hour

All in all it was very reasonable price. Especially since they did the work on a Sunday and completed everything within 24 hours. They were friendly and helpful.

Courtney Collum Google Review

Took care of us on Easter Sunday. Towed us in, put us in a rental car (not new, but good rate, and it ran), and they got to work on our vehicle on Easter. As an auto industry professional, it was very hard letting someone else work on my vehicle. The owner, Jim, was very understanding and did a good job tolerating multiple visits. The technician ultimately identified a problem with the ground circuit. The vehicle was fixed within 24 hours and we didn't miss a beat on our vacation. By nature, I was a little paranoid until I got home, but a couple trips through the Smokies and 500 miles later, still no problems. Shop looked different than what I was expecting, but don't judge a book by it's cover; the customer service and courtesy were great. Very thankful we were back on the road as quickly as we were, and total tow, rental, diagnostic, and repair costs were very fair.

Chris Horbach Google Review

On vacation in Pigeon Forge and the hub on our 07 Suburban went out. My parents opened an auto repair shop in 1991 and I have never had to pay retail for any auto repair. Carr's dropped me off and picked me up from my hotel. The place isn't the cleanest most organized shop I have seen but they got the job done quickly and well. They didn't allow my bad luck to ruin my vacation with my family and didn't over charge for the service.

Bob Bales Google Review

Okay , I had a very serious incident. I will say the tow service was quick and very considerable. My only concern was that it seemed the shop was wanting to buy my vehicle due to it being totaled. This is before my insurance even had a chance to appraise damage- perhaps it was a good general question, but it made me feel a little uneasy. The service and communication were excellent, I feel they are just trying to do business- just not sure how its done is right. Its not an upscale facility, but they do work hard and provide most automobile related services, all in all I say Eh.

PMD D Google Review

In June 2013 we arrived in town for a week long family 2005 dodge Durango was pegged hot with an overheat light on. I was able to get it to Carrs where they discovered a bad thermostat and water pump. They fixed it within a day and for a very reasonable price. They only had one vehicle for rent that could fit my family of six, and it was a junker with a capital J...that thing needs to be removed from service. But I chalked it up to the whole experience. Overall I was pleased, the business is friendly and reasonable. Very thankful they were able to quickly get us back into our vehicle!

Kevin Lackey Google Review

Our family was on vacation in Piegon Forge in Aug, 2012 and our car had a bad ac compressor. We arrived at 5:45 in the evening and they quickly called around for the parts to fix it the next day. The quote was fair and repaired by 2:30 the next day. Don't be put off by the looks. I was blessed to have found this place.

Rex Fail Google Review

They came fast and pulled me out of a tight spot in the ice without damaging my car.

Rick King Google Review

The mechanics, and owner were genuine and were very concerned for my friend's car. The noise from the "engine" ended up being just a loose hubcap. They could have taken advantage of us college students, but they let us go free of charge, and were courteous in doing so. It is the place to go for car repair in Pigeon Forge.

A Google User Google Review

I was from out of town on vacation with my family and when I noticed I had to keep adding power steering fluid. I was concerned because I didn't know who to trust, then I found their web page. Family owned, I called and was told to bring it on by. Within minutes someone was inspecting my mini-van and found a loose pressure hose, tightened it, and when I asked to pay, they said "No-Charge". I would say that this type of care is rarely found anymore. I will return there if I need to for any reason. Thanks!!!

A Google User Google Review

4 Stars!

A Google User Google Review

We were snowed in a cabin for the past week. We are from Louisiana and this was our first ever snowfall, so this was scary as heck considering we were on the top of a mountain with a steep incline. Carr's attempted to get to us throughout the day, but the road was blocked due to a wreck further down and then again because the power company had the road blocked putting up another pole. Eventually the roads were plowed and salted, but the tow truck still came up to us to make sure we were ok. We had another night paid for in the cabin, but at that point we just gave up and left. We were out of food by this time. Brandon called us as we were leaving town to check on us again. I can not express how grateful we are to these amazing people, who were one of the few bright spots in our trip.

Christie Ordoyne Pepper Facebook Review

On our way to Pigeon Forge from our home in Wisconsin, our muffler came loose. Carr's was the only place open on Sunday. They could not get the replacement that day, but were kind enough to remove the hanging muffler free of charge. We would have had them replace the muffler Monday, but their supplier could not get the part until afternoon. Very professional and courteous!

Jim Hahn Facebook Review

They r down home people, not trying to make a killing, needed engine work done and figure it would cost a fortune since we was from out of town, but it wasn't, nice people and very quick on repair.

Joshua Caldwell Facebook Review

Great service great people they took care of my son gave him the best price in town plus gave him a military discount lots of folks say they support the troops Carr's puts their money were their mouth is

Bryan Hall Facebook Review

I was here when my car broke and I live 200 miles away. They fixed it in just a couple of hours. Nice to find a place like this when you can't get home.

Keith Ellis Facebook Review

This place is great! Saved my vacation! What a great towing and auto shop. They came and towed us from the outlets to their shop, checked the problem and installed a new shifter cable in less than 18 hours. The prices were awesome and they made sure I got to continue my vacation without being affected by my truck. And being a female, I felt very comfortable and not taken advantage of. Thank you guys so much!

Allison Rogers Facebook Review

If you want great service fabulous people and courtesy go to carrs. We were stranded in Knoxville on the highway for six hours because no one wanted to tow our RV. Carrs went out of their way to come get us at midnight bring us in let us sleep on their lot, they were the most wonderful people we have ever dealt with thank you to all of your employees. Looking forward to meeting them all again someday but not in the same circumstances.

Karen Harding Facebook Review

I just wanna say thank you to these guys. Our weekend getaway turned crazy when my transmission went out & these awesome guys towed us back to Chattanooga. We had a day left and they rented us a mini van for $43.
Thanks to Dennis for just walking us around the lot & educating on what happened to my transmission and possible fixes. Also, thanks to Terri & Bill for hauling us around.

Kimberly Smith Facebook Review

Dennis and Jimmy are great! They were able to take care of the issue with our Dodge Ram. The place does not look great, but knowledge and skill is what is important in vehicle repairs. Also got my daughter's brakes fixed. Hope you don't need repairs on vacation, but if you do I would recommend this shop. Ask for Dennis or Jimmy as I cannot comment on the other employees except the lady that runs the counter is very nice.

Linda Coltrane Facebook Review

Very friendly, hard working people! Broke down on our trip and Carr's had my car fixed quick! Also has great rentals!

Tiffany Taylor Facebook Review

I would like to say thank you to one of your amazing employees!!! His name was bill!! Our truck messed up on Smoky Mountain at 12:30 am and at 2:30am Bill seen us and stopped and tried to help but it needed towed. He was so nice took us back to our hotel n then went to towed our truck to your shop..Thank you so much Bill and Carr's auto sales & service..

Tammy L Cooper Facebook Review

A++++++ for them! They were friendly, are open 362 days a year and took GREAT care of us. If you go to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, save their name and number in case you have car trouble. I will from now on!

Mary Ann Mader Jones Facebook Review

Late Saturday afternoon is not a good time for your wheel bearings to go out. We tried the closest Ram dealer for assistance but they were closing in an hour and couldn't help. They recommended Carr's Auto Service. I called and they told me they could help. When we arrived they immediately test drove our truck and confirmed the bearing problem. This was about 3:00pm. They had a driver drop us off in Pigeon Forge so we could have lunch and kill time while they were working on the truck. A little before 5:00 they called us and told us the truck was ready and their driver was on the way to pick us up. These guys went way out of their way to help us out. Our vacation was uninterrupted because they stopped what they were doing to help someone that was 300 miles from home. The work was done at a reasonable rate and ran perfectly.

Jeff Gabbard Facebook Review

Thanks to Carr's automotive my honeymoon was saved. We broke down in pigeon forge with no tools to fix the car. A wonderful driver from Carr's towed us in and drove us on the the cabin! The next morning they picked us up and took us to get our car they had finished. They were great!!!

Kathy Kelly Facebook Review

Had a water pump go out while on vacation. Took it to them and they had me back on the road, ready to finish my vacation. Great people to work with and will recommend to all my friends that travel to the area.

Frank Jason Bowyer Facebook Review

I have been intending to leave this review for some time. We were visiting the Smoky Mountains the first week of January. Unfortunately my husband's truck broke down. Between the tow, rental and repair - on a Sunday when most other places are closed - we will be forever thankful. The folks are friendly and honest. What could have been a horrible trip, was made alright. Bushel full of thanks

Jeannie Taylor Facebook Review

These guys are incredible. Moved up to Tennessee last fall and went to them once on a recommendation, they always have great service, fun to talk to and willing to work with you on every aspect of what you need done. The only place I let work on my car. The go-to mechanic/towing shop!

Justin Shelly Facebook Review

Awesome guys! We broke down while on vacation in pigeon forge. They were prompt in comeing to tow us, courteous and very attentive. If you ever have car trouble in the Gatlinburg, Pigeon forge areas give these guys a call.

Rashaunda Johnson Facebook Review

We couldn't get up our rental cabin's driveway this morning without sliding and skidding on the ice that covered it overnight. I called Carr's and they arrived quickly to pull us out. We're very grateful for their fast and friendly service!!

Ericha Deas Facebook Review

Carr's Auto sales & services is a fantastic place. They work with me to help me save money and get the best quality parts for my car. The staff is friendly and put your needs first. Only place I go and send people to work on there cars

Seth Latimer Facebook Review

Carrs auto did a wonderful job pulling our SUV off a dangerous snowy, icy hill! They saved our car from flipping over into a ravine and allowed us to resume our vacation. Thank you!

Eva Brandenburg Facebook Review

Amazing Service! Had a little problem while visiting from Louisville Ky on our spring break. Called up Carrs they towed us and had it fixed quickly. The nicest people and reasonable. Couldn't have asked for better service Thanks so much

Rebecca Purcell Facebook Review

Thank you for awesome service and fixing my son car so expeditiously.

Bonnette Bradley Facebook Review

These people are awesome! Highly reccommend! Even on a Sunday! Took excellent care of vehicle and gave us a ride even!

Norma Rae Roark Rice Facebook Review

Well! First of all let me say thank you do much to Carr's towing and salvage! If it weren’t for you guys our Christmas holiday in pigeon forge would have ended badly! We were sitting at the Harley Davidson dealership in pigeon forge and the water pump goes out of my 2011 impala! I call my insurance co. And they call Carr's! We live 7hrs away so we automatically go into panic mode! But, surprisingly Carr's showed up within minutes! They towed our car to their garage and they just now delivered it back to us at our motel! Fixed and ready to go! Plus, they didn't break the bank since we were tourist! Thanks again Carr's!!!!! If anyone in this area needs work done, call these guys!! They will take care of you and get you back on the road! Thanks again for your help! Danny and Brenda miles!! Henderson Kentucky!

Brenda Glass-Miles Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Chris Bernardin Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Rebecca E Green Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Tim Harkleroad Facebook Review

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